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When the Q, Glyph, and some Animania friends were at Emerald City Comic Con, we attended an event called Monster Battle Time. Being us, we spent most of the event whispering about how to make the game more fun (we’re sooo doing this at Tosho-Con) and of course, played along.

Here’s how it works: Grab your pen & paper. Got it? Okay: in two minutes, draw a monster with 3 – 5 characteristics chosen by a random audience member. For example:

It was pretty fun at the time but when I got home, I realized the game was also a fun way to do “illustrator prompts” ala the Sunday Vignettes over at According to Hoyt blog. (They’re pretty fun, especially if you have the writing chops – or wanna be chops – to play along)

Like this:

Next Monster Art Battle prompt:

  • Mobster
  • Squid
  • Pet Kitten

Have fun!