Saturday Sketches: Monster Art Battle continued

Codex here. So, a few Saturdays ago, I wrote about a game of illustrator prompts called Monster Art Battle.

I left our humble readers with the challenge: Design a monster with that contains (in some way) “mobster”, “squid,” and “pet kitten.”

Here’s what I came up with:

Soooo… D’you want any other prompts from the convention panel?

(True confession: I had to look up “tommy gun” on google images. But it was still fun to draw)

8 thoughts on “Saturday Sketches: Monster Art Battle continued

    1. This is a perfect example of pareidolia. The same phenomenon is at play in a picture when light/shadow interaction looks like a ghost, a smear of Nutello on toast looks like Mohammad, a college student examines themselves in a mirror and sees a Two-Spirit, or a judge looks at a map and fails to see borders.


      1. Could be. Or it could be the scrolling on the screen that happened to cut it off at just the right point for a moment. Seeing the whole thing at once it’s unlikely I’d have thought that, but seeing pretty much just the top of the fedora and upward…

        Don’t get me wrong, I think squid are are rally cool – anything with cyanoglobin for greed blood gets extra cool points, and I like fedora and allusion to a Chicago typewriter (gangster squid, Squidsters!) are double-plus neato. But the mantle needs, er, something.



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