7 thoughts on “Beta Test Hell

  1. Like Wyrdbard, I had to look it up. My Latin is nonexistent.

    **reads translation, looks at last panel, looks at translation again, light comes on as the full meaning clicks.** ROFLMAO.

    I love it! And I learned something. Yay. 😀


  2. Thank you both. Here’s how it went down.

    Q: “Codex, the alt-text on the script is “EULA Dante”. Was this the one you were going to do?”
    Codex: “Yes. It’s Latin. I’ll type it.”
    [Codex takes 10 seconds to type ancient devil language, which she assures me, is hilarious]
    Q: “Thank goodness. I’m off to bed.”

    Then, after the biggest/loudest thunderstorm we’ve ever seen goes directly over the house for most of the night, I wake up to a) learned readers confessing to not understand said devil language, b) trusting us enough to look up what it means, and c) assuring us that it is, in fact, very funny.

    Takeaway: Do not call Latin an “ancient devil language”. I’m not sure if it was the Pope or the Lawyers that ginned up the MOAB-like booms all night, but, yeah, lesson learned 🙂


  3. Oh I laughed, but I did have to look up the translation to be sure. Latin? It looked more like middle Italian, which is why I did the lookup.

    The only thing funnier would be if the operating system was Windows 13: “Please enter you user name and immortal soul … Currently reconfiguring your soul, please wait ….”

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