9 thoughts on “Last Wrights

    1. Sorry you were stuck in moderation. Yours is the type of comment we truly value, making us writhe in agony as it enhances our own questionable sense of humor. Welcome 🙂


  1. What is a living brain in a jar but thoughts and memories? John could theoretically be recreated from Hunin and Munin. Just add soul, possibly from an Aretha Franklin album.

    Jagi-bug can fly, and would appear natural in both planes of existence, as long as she didn’t try to talk.

    Supposition – This is a family friendly, positive, human wave comic. The Wright’s are fine. They’re in the trdis, which is a separate plane of existence. When the door shut, John’s connection to the rings was temporarily lost.


  2. Naming the wardrobe “Cathawk” would launch a pun way too far. “Dawn Strider” perhaps, in honor of Aslan, excellent writing, and a great soul?

    Apologize for the misspelling in the screen name. I fumbled on the small keyboard. I am very appreciative of the humor, drama and comments. My wife gives me odd looks because of the strangled whoops of mirth.



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