5 thoughts on “Blame

      1. As an SFnal gardening pedant (I have filk to my credit) I am obliged to point out that while the torlings are super special unique daisies (just like all the other daisies), the bio-engineered mobile omnivorous (except for Violet) plants are lilies.


  1. The lilies turned on the Ilk, without the power of The Spray. Disturbing. The creatures were intent on making every animal push up daisies (better not increase Tor sales!); as for the daisies, well … that was no Shrinking Violet, out to get them.

    Ahem, “Spare the Goldenrod, spoil the child. Corporal Pun-ishment works best.”. I better stop before the quips become nasturtium-er. 🙂



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