6 thoughts on “Jumping Point

    1. It’s a cartoon universe based on fictional stories. Thus, we have a *lot* of references to various fictional characters/universes/etc. But we would never, ever, stoop to something so ridiculously contrived and… utterly stupid(?) as “reversing the polarity”. We may disagree with Neil Gaiman’s politics but he was totally correct in denouncing this concept as the “worst story he’s ever read”.

      I’m just sorry I can’t remember the name of the book that he was referring to.

      I’m sure no insult was intended, so please continue to enjoy the comicapolypse in the manner of your choosing!


      1. That was a 4th Doctor (“Teeth and Curls”) episode, reversing the polarity of the neutron flow, and it was one of the worst written. Even Douglas Adams couldn’t have saved it.

        I am enjoying this tremendously, to include the Rabbit Renovation. The jokes are great.

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