5 thoughts on “Escape Trajectory

    1. That was a stream of EtheroS coming up from below which was supposed to begin re-inflating the cartoon realm, but it fizzled and popped instead. Upon second look, I can see how it would be confusing.

      I think I know of an easy way to fix it for the archives.


    2. Curses! I appear not to have mastered layer masking after all…

      Q: Uh. Oh. We got a comment that the previous comic implied you’d gone, “pop.”

      Codex: What? That’s silly.

      Q: Can you fix it?

      Codex: No need. If he can’t figure out that it was the bubble of merged Eheric power going poof, that’s on his head. The ‘shroom is right there…

      Q: Uhhh…

      Codex: [Checks comic] Well. Dang.



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