Fate of the Woke

Update: Thanks to our helpful commenters, who spotted an error, which led your humble mushroom correspondent back to the script, whereupon she discovered another goof. Above find the corrected comic. Below the cut, find the original.

This, by the way proves one of the virtues of indie publishing discussed in the comments of Sarah Hoyt’s post, “The Ground Moving Under our Feet.” It’s not only that indie is getting better and better, but it’s doing so more responsively to its audience.

This comic is part of a story arc – read it from the beginning.

10 thoughts on “Fate of the Woke

  1. “Exegesis” – explanation or critical interpretation of a text, especially the Bible. “So what you really mean when you say ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ is that everyone is really gay, and that cis-hetero privilege is a conspiracy of the white patriarchy, and that polyamorous relationships are perfectly normal and marriage is slavery of women.”


    1. Yes. The Germ is a doctoral *candidate*, so he still doesn’t quite have the pronunciation down.

      Codex and I are trying to decide who let the actual misspelling of the word through the filter…


  2. Too bad the Office of the Holy Inquisition doesn’t have a spot on his defense panel. That discussion would get right toasty, after a while. That assumes he doesn’t keel over from apoplexy from seeing the collar, cross, and grin.

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    1. Pretty much – SJW types look upon that combination and shrivel on sight. It should probably be holy water instead of the grin, but it’s that temptation to enjoy correction too much. You want someone under Holy Orders conferred with valid apostolic lineage, who can conduct the chastisement, I mean the review questions, with the Germ’s soul in mind.

      “No, that’s incorrect. Please restate it in Latin, so you understand the complete context. Shall I help you? Ego te exorciso … oops, now WHY did that come to mind?”

      Apologies to Codex and Quizzer. I was tempted and fell into a bad joke.



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