Wednesday Miscellany: Snow Day

Things Codex learned from a Snow Day which happened recently, in no particular order.

On Unbridled Happiness:
There is no rejoicing like teenage daughter rejoicing, when you tell her, “…and so school is cancelled.”

On Sledding:
    Codex:  You’ve got this sledding run sussed out.
    Glyph:  Yeah. I tried a bunch of different things …but it was mostly just dumb luck that I hit on this one.
    Codex: I wouldn’t call it “dumb.”*

*Codex’s postulate of Smart Luck:
           Smart Luck == Dumb Luck + Paying Attention

On Cocoa:
Hot chocolate tastes best after a day of sledding. It also tastes better when you make 1/3rd of it coffee.

On Doodling:
It’s bunches easier to make dragons out of paper than snow.

On Blogging:
Oh what a joy to post with no particular deadline!

Happy Wednesday!
— Codex

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Miscellany: Snow Day

    1. I’ve had (at some eatery in O’hare airport) and made myself Chocolate Chai.
      Last year I had some stones and the Urologist said no brewed tea, and no chocolate, or I’d make a spot but I have no chocolate to do so.

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  1. That’s how I make Morning Mocha, while camping in cool weather. Packet of chocolate mix, cup of coffee, couple oz of milk, coffee to top off. “boing” (sustained boost) It’s tasty and keeps me moving for much of the morning.

    Would snow dragons eat: snowmen? snow bunnies? Eskimo Thighs? Yeti Helper!
    They’d probably drink all my Walrus Wassail (naughty dragons!)
    Well, maybe I’d better lay off the Wassail on a weeknight.



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