Things Codex learned from a Snow Day which happened recently, in no particular order.

On Unbridled Happiness:
There is no rejoicing like teenage daughter rejoicing, when you tell her, “…and so school is cancelled.”

On Sledding:
    Codex:  You’ve got this sledding run sussed out.
    Glyph:  Yeah. I tried a bunch of different things …but it was mostly just dumb luck that I hit on this one.
    Codex: I wouldn’t call it “dumb.”*

*Codex’s postulate of Smart Luck:
           Smart Luck == Dumb Luck + Paying Attention

On Cocoa:
Hot chocolate tastes best after a day of sledding. It also tastes better when you make 1/3rd of it coffee.

On Doodling:
It’s bunches easier to make dragons out of paper than snow.

On Blogging:
Oh what a joy to post with no particular deadline!

Happy Wednesday!
— Codex