Kill the Wabbit

Quizzer’s health has been sub-optimal this week, which is why we’re releasing this bonus comic today and the real post it is supposed to go with will come on Monday. Meanwhile, he’s off to 1) continue feeling bad, 2) play Subnautica, 3) plan a Sunday School lesson, 4) go see a doctor, 5) have blood removed and examined by the medical system, and 6) have another hot date at the pharmacist using their blood pressure machine.

We have a blood pressure device on order, but we prefer to keep our private life private.

If you’ve ever wondered how Codex felt about Scalzi all this time, wonder no more!

8 thoughts on “Kill the Wabbit

  1. Also, I wonder if the blood pressure is too high or too low. I’ve found that, at time anyway, I have to be sure to keep drinking not-alcohol to keep the pressure UP, or it can get Rather Low. So far, not dangerously so, but there are time when certain more sudden motions result in the Universe doing Things it was not meant to do, at least as I experience them.

    Right now, however, I have this sore throat going on that I hope just Nature telling me to to Shut Up and not an infection of some sort starting in. Any dizziness, for now, can be blamed on the Toddies.


    1. At first we thought it was the blood pressure leeches lowering it too much (causing disconcerting near-fainting spells) so I got to quit taking those. But it didn’t seem to make a difference. Not sure why the doctor assigned it in the first place, I’ve never had high blood pressure before.


  2. The blood pressure and related issues – dehydration (it sneaks up way too easily) can aggravate these. It seems now that if you’re even near the edge of normal range, you get a sermon or blood pressure medication. Leeches and bleeding, forsooth.

    Codex, I hear the orchestra tuning up in the background for “What’s Opera, Doc?” You’re using anvils, not a Speaw and Magic Hewmet.

    Spear and Magic Helmet??

    Speaw and Magic HEW … meeet!!! (basso pwofundo, sforzando)

    (Speaw and Magic Hewmet … oh bruddah)

    This is the first action with Siegfwied Fudd and The Wabbit, before the wovewy Bwunhilda appears.

    OK, back to Il trovatore:

    “Who turns [CLANG] the Scal- [CLANG] zi’s day [CLANG] to gloom [CLANG] and hurtling mayhem? [CLANG]
    The venge- [CLANG] ful Co- [CLANG] dex, aye!” [CLANG]

    These were classic Looney Toons. Classics, mind you!

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      1. The benefit of a technical education and employment – you make enough to do some self-guided arts education, on classical arts. That was when Looney Tunes, Three Stooges, and all the rest got hysterically funny. I read or saw the originals, and the delightfully crazed takes and parodies. One of the reasons i like TiaT.

        I have the book from a library sale: “Engineering and the Liberal Arts” (from a McGraw-Hill engineering series). Summary: it’s the engineer who have the balanced (libra) way of viewing the world.

        “Soitanly!” (Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk) 🙂



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