This comic was solely written and drawn by Glyph, and is presented without comment. We’ve been undergoing something I call The Snottening, and Glyph was quite a trooper because she pulled this off despite being one of the afflicted.


4 thoughts on “Treenagers

  1. I notice that there a less tattoos on trees nowadays–because boys no longer all carry pocket knives. Used to be that even in the depth of the forest, you would never find a beech tree without one.

    Good work, Glyph, and hope there is joyful recovering.


    1. Pocket knives are banned at the schools here, too. Fortunately, it’s enforced more on the lines of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Possibly because we have bears, cougars, and shop classes.

      The ban is especially funny in the trade school, where they have power tools, welders, and brazing torches, but they’re not supposed to carry a pocket knife. Stupid regulations just get ignored.



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