Kuru and the Snottening

Everyone here is in various stages of sick, getting over sick, or coming down with sick. We call it “the Snottening”. That may be why Q decided that this new character I wanted to draw should be called “Kuru”.

Well. That and the merch opportunities. Wouldn’t he make a great plushie? You could purchase one and tell everyone, “Hey guys, I have Kuru!”

~ Codex

5 thoughts on “Kuru and the Snottening

  1. Kuru: Headhunter’s disease. It’s an incurable prion disorder contracted by eating human brain and spinal cord tissue.

    Naming a creepy (yet sort of cute) character Kuru: That’s funny right there.

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  2. Hmmm! I’m surprised that GIANTMicrobes hadn’t added this to their critter list. Nope, re-checked, just Mad Cow disease.

    Slightly OT, but germ-ane: I once got a GIANTMicrobes Ebola for my daughter. She was having fun and had it give me “the kiss of death.” Two weeks later – getting the gut-wrenching treatment for Lyme Disease (sick for another 10 days). At least, she looked embarrassed.


  3. Ah, that’s what’s been bugging me about this picture. The stirring stick looks like the neck of a guitar. Which could, of course, be used to stir your favorite potion or stew, even if it’s just rock soup. Stirring in proper rhythm would definitely bring the flavors into better harmony.



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