13 thoughts on “Heat Wave

      1. Wrongspeak! Don’t you know that Current Year is 72 of the Atomic Era?! Of course, those heretics in the Archaeology department say it is year 67 After Present. And those upstart kids over in the Journalism department insist it is year 10 of the Ascension of the Light Bringer.

        (Archaeologists use a “Before Present” dating system, with their baseline year being 1950. Except that some of the younger ones use 2000 instead.)

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        1. Where/when do we start counting the Atomic Era? There are a few places, even ignoring the first bits of semi-modern atomic theory and the initial discovery of radioactivity and of nuclear fission:

          1. Fermi’s group starting (and then stopping!) a sustained, controlled chain reaction that failed to blow up Chicago.

          2. The Trinity Test.

          3. Hiroshima, Nagasaki?

          4. The first full year after such (like how horse age is counted from 1 Jan…)

          5. Something other?


          1. The Atomic Age is dated from 1945, which is Year Zero.

            As part of my subtle humor attempt, I computed the years above from 2017, making all of the numbers a year off. Because adding a layer of stupid on top of the overly erudite screed seemed funny at the time.


  1. If I were to wear fancy dress, would I need to have a personal silver (or plated, anyway) straw in the vest pocket to complete the ensemble, now? Perhaps in a nice velvet lined case or such.



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