3 thoughts on “Sin Bigly

  1. Challenge accepted!

    Immigration is war.
    Everyone is different. Different cultures are not identical. Anyone saying otherwise is either evil, stupid, or both.
    Poverty does not cause stupidity and crime. Stupidity causes poverty and crime. Violence also causes poverty. Blacks are both stupid and violent – that is why they are poor.
    “Equal opportunity” is legally enforced racism and sexism.
    The denial of reality for PC reasons is the root of most of our great nation’s problems.
    Christianity is the greatest good the world has ever seen.
    Blacks have had over 150 years to adapt to American culture. They have not. Therefore, they are either incapable, or unwilling to do so.
    Mexicans are not Americans. They have a whole country for people just like them. They should go back there.
    Most scientists are mid-wit, button counting bottle washers. They produce the results their sponsors pay for.
    Rachel Carson killed ten times as many people as Hitler, Stalin and Mao combined.
    Abortion is the leading cause of death among blacks in America.
    Demography is destiny. The future belongs to those who show up. White families need to have more children.
    America is a white, Christian nation. The existence of others inside our territory does not refute this.



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