From Cedar Sanderson’s blog comes a drawing challenge for InkTober with a delightful series of prompts. You can see the original at her blog. You can also follow her books on Amazon (I love her SF), and some more art here. This is supposed to be fun & recharge my batteries, I’ll be starting today with prompt #7. Feel free to join in!  I’ll update every day (below the cut) with what I came up with.

This week’s prompts (Oct 7-13) are: harvest , lamppost, encourage, computer wizardry, kerfluffle, space, and woof. Updated: Lamppost, Encourage, computer wizardry, and space are beneath the cut.

Additional art from pxfuel “computer circuits” & pikrepo “untitled, code”

Space for Codex’s favorite color palette…

That’s it for this Wednesday!