This week’s prompts (since I decided to skip “inspiration”. I had to draw Lennon hair. Ugh.) are: woof, cheese, juniper, fairy lumberjack, tiny houses, mercurial, snap dragon, and owl bits.

This is an old sketch I wanted to try to use with a technique I’ve been trying to transpose from real life drawing to virtual: Woof!

As before: updates will follow this week beneath the page break:

So. Much. Cheese.


I’m skipping fairy lumberjack (because I’m too literal-minded). And, as it turns out, “mercurial”. I have a doodle for Owl Bits I might still post. Snap dragon will go up on Saturday.

Here’s another old sketch I wanted to mess about with, trying some digital techniques to see if I can’t make it look like it does when I use colored inks & pastels. Tiny houses.