The bad news is that we won’t have a comic for tomorrow. We’re up against a bunch of serious real-life stuff that we don’t want to talk about. What we do want to talk about is…

Tempest in a Teardrop – The Churchians – vol I, II, and III

in actual paper and ebook formats!

Yes, we’ve started the process. We’re making no promises.

As part of that, I have to update the archives this weekend. I’ll make a special post because the comic really does read better in a sequential format.

However, we’d feel horrible leaving you without some form of entertainment you can glance over while working through your government-mandated bacterial-trapping face-blankets. Are you ready for Election Night? I mean really, reeeaaallly ready? We doubt it.

Check back tomorrow morning and make sure you are fully stocked, whether you’re a for team red or team blue! Monday will be far too late!

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