Well… let’s see. Everything is kinda going sideways.

So here’s the deal. The script called for “An angry crowd outside a typical Churchian house.” New scene, new architecture, normally this is in the category of “pain in the artichoke” but we wrote it while driving to Portland from Seattle on Sunday, and then back again.

It turns out my father has “aggressive cancerous tumors” in his brain. Due to other health complications there’s no treatment. He isn’t expected to last through next week. Covid adds stupid restrictions. He was diagnosed a month ago. Figured we’d have more time.

The comic will be out Saturday morning but we’re almost certainly going to be calling a hiatus at some point. We’re planning a trip to the hellscape that is California over Thanksgiving. I’m not entirely sure that will happen… but maybe?

Meanwhile, if you are the praying type, then pray for my mom, who could really use some extra oomph right now. Pray for me, because I will probably be asked to say words at the funeral. My father and I were very different people; it won’t be… straightforward.

Not that I “do words”. Ask Codex. I normally communicate in 4-bit symbols using 3 tines and my handle. The funeral is gonna be a hoot.

–> Quizzer