Who is this furry creature?

Why does he sport handsome mulluscan* features?

How is he* trailing… ectoplasm?

WHAT has Codex done with our comic?

Codex here. The main super-sekrit reason I needed a break (which got broken by missing computers and busted glasses) wasn’t just to build the south side of Ione’s study or endless crockery assets, complete with artistic cracks. Nope. there was another project involving this delightful creature, a library, and a really good book, so do save some Christmas budget for your tween- and teen-age readers.

Further I sayeth not, but All Will Be Revealed in time.

See you Monday.


*Second coolest phylum after Ascomycota.

**Possibly. After all, in English as in life, properly speaking, the male embraces the female. Assuming it applies in the first place of course. The Dungeon Dimensions get… Odd.