Ladles, gentlespoons, and esteemed sporks, Codex here. I’m happy reveal the Super Sekrit project I’ve been working on: Fantastic Schools #4: Middle Schools!


Yes, I own a copy (I need to post a review) and I’ve read most of the stories in it. They’re great fun for any older kid who loved Harry Potter or the Littlest Witch, or any of the magical or skiffy school stories. You get a LOT of fun reading bang for your e-book dollar with this one.

And yes, the character on the front IS in one of the stories (one of my favorites) though I may have taken a wee few artistic liberties. Giant squid eyes are just too much fun to draw.

Set aside some extra cashy goodness though, because a hardcover version will be coming soon. God willing & the creeks don’t rise, in time for Christmas giving. I’ll have MOAR Christmas book-giving suggestions this Saturday. I’m not only recommending these because these are my fellow superversives, but because I’ll be giving them as gifts to my own dear friends and relations.