We have an extra frame today, a correction to Friday’s comic, and some announcements below.

Play ‘spot the difference’!

Service is going to be spotty over the next few weeks. We’ll try our best to hold to the Monday/Friday schedule. However, clown world events have overtaken us at last and we’re anticipating some job changes and house selling over the next three months. The house selling is a bit daunting because it’s amazing how much stuff one accumulates over 20 years.

That’s the bad. There is also some good; some really good. But we can’t announce anything yet. Delays, delays, delays. For valid reasons. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Meanwhile, my health has greatly improved. I’ve lost pounds and inches (in girth, not height), and although my resting heart rate is still disturbingly high some tests tomorrow should clarify the issues. I’m sure they’ll want to add more stents, and I’m good with that. Cyborg arteries are going to be the new trend in fighting the coof. There’s two ways to get ’em: stents (the old-fashioned way) or via graphene coating (the clown world way).

I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader how, precisely, they achieve the latter.

–> Q