I read the novella, All Men Dream of Earthwomen, when it was first released as a freebie. Again, as part of a bookbinding project, and now a third time as it’s released as part of this book (Huzzah!).


It has not palled. If you like science fiction with real science in it, and the sensawunda dialed up to eleventy… AMDoEW is your book. The romantic story – romantic in the Prisoner of Zenda sense – of a clever heavy-worlder-Quasimodo and his weird alien love (alien, because human, like us), is full of swash and buckle and turns of wry humor. The ending is perfect.

$20 clamolas for a digital version, plus another quality trade paperback (I’m ordering that next) to be a reliable reread (when Amazon starts curating our digital libraries for us, which you just know it will) is worth it.

AND I’m getting several great shorts, like the eerie and beautiful “Last Report of Unit Twenty-Two” which makes me cry, or “Judgment Eve”, which is powerfully strange.

Such a good deal: highly recommended; including as a present for older teens, if you are that sort of Auntie.