I thought we’d gone through the worst of it, but no. Moving is insane.

My checkbook cries every night. I keep showing Zillow projections, but it does no good. It has Cash Leprosy. It moans and gyrates in the depths of the dark. My feet echo the pain. Yet workmen keep showing up, doing vital stuff to impress would-be buyers, and I keep greeting them and hoping they’ll take VISA so I can float triple-digit Biden Bucks for the next six weeks.

The market is insane. There are 17 houses in our price range (which is already crazy) right now and each day some turn red (ie offers being considered). There are 40+ pending (meaning offers accepted and closing is proceeding). We aren’t talking national average. We’re talking seven-figure madness. This is good for us. There are more buyers than the market can supply.

Taking the ticket apparently pays way more than we thought, because I can’t imagine spending the money for a house that we’re going to ask for.

I have no regrets, and neither does Codex. She is a rock through this terrifying hurricane of uncertainty. We can certainly use any and every prayer you can offer. We’ll land where He wants.

In the meantime: comics are going to be spotty for another month. We’re prioritizing Arkhaven right now: the audience is much larger than our main website. But we’re going to land, and we’re going to tread forward even if we have to crush a half-acre of blackberries, a quarter-acre of unpainted walls, or seventeen Karens waving threatening chicken feet in masks. Err, the Karens are in masks. Not the chicken feet.

Next comic on Tuesday for sure. It’s scheduled. It needed corrections at midnight last night (yes, I woke up to review it and Codex never slept at all). Now… gotta get a script for Saturday.

Have a baby Tape Henge.

–> Quizzer