Update: Well, the comic is in the can, but Q pointed out that we need all hands on deck this week while the weather holds. So expect comic posting to be sparse.

Codex here. Sipping bourbon around the bonfire…

We're pro-veg; So we always try to increase our carbon footprint

I could be finishing today’s comic. In a little while, I will be finishing today’s comic…

It's taller than we are

But d’ya see that pile? We have two weeks to get it burned, shredded, and/or composted. So my l33t Manga Studio skills are not nearly as important as my ability  to haul, chop, and shred.

I got the death rose (Pleine de grace) pruned, too. So there’s that. MOAR firewood, right?

Not as lethal as Pierrette, but close. The thorns have thorns.

See you tomorrow!