I didn’t want to do this but the comic has to officially go on hiatus. We have less than a month before we need to get the house on the market – something, something, money, roofer, wheezing. It’s hard to make out through the sobs of the checkbook.

But: Good Things are happening. Codex is looking for a new job and on a whim she checked a website and her Dream Job just opened up. She spent most of the day frantically applying. It will keep us in Washington but we’ll definitely be away from the blue hive that keeps creeping outward every month.

Also: We’ll be able to put the house on the market for much more than we originally thought when this all started around Thanksgiving. We’re shooting for May 1. It’ll be May 1, whether we’re ready or not. It might be sooner. Does anyone know of a bridge that isn’t already occupied? Does it take 75lb dogs? Maybe someplace that sells used yurts?

Finally: I’m really, really close to my “Ten Commandments for Churchians” to go live. I’m challenging myself to do three posts per week, and I’d really appreciate feedback. For those of you who blog or social media: mention them, blast them, whatever. I’m no expert, just hypothesizing. They need to be written, discussed, and refined. It’s in the same category as the SSH in my not so humble opinion.

I’ve been working on them off-and-on since the comic started because it’s important to make fun of Churchians in the right way. Rory is almost there, after all.

The First Commandment of Churchians is going to be Friday. Tomorrow I’ll have some humor, because there are a lot of odd ways people are making bank and I might be able to inspire a career change for some of you.

In the meantime, if you haven’t seen the comic on Arkhaven go and check it out. The format makes it look even better than on our own site. In fact, Codex has sneaked humor in over the years that I never knew about.

And please, if you are the praying type: A little mention for discipline, wisdom, and comfort right now would be appreciated. Our “life changes” scale has gone parabolic.

–> Codex and Q