Season 2.07: TerriMom

Michaelangelo’s Misogyny

Terri the Tater uses feminism to fix Michaelangelo's misogynyTo be fair, David started it by existing…

Misogyny in Herstory

Terri tweets misogynistic michelangelo herstory and achieves feminist level 45 beta orbiterPray she doesn’t unlock level 50!

Writing Seminar



Codex commits a misgendemeanor when she misgenders Terri's new beta orbiterMisgender + Misdemeanor = Misgendemeanor. It’s totally a word.


The CHORFs increase their odds of winning the Hugo with scholarshipsIf they’re too noisy the wrongfans might get in on the action.

Rile Them Up

CHORFs plan to storm the Desmesne of Vox Day. Surely THIS time it will workIt’s hard to rile up an SJW. Anger is their natural state.

Operation: Postponed Validation

The Planned March on The Desmesene of the Supreme Lord of Evil ContinuesWe’re always Fierce-n-Proud on the internet!

Secure the Realm

The Supreme Dark Lord of Evil sends Matthew to secure the realm against the imminent Torling protestersDinner is served.

Protest Buddies

The Protest March on the Desmesne of Vox Day Hits a SnagWe’ll bravely and fiercely run away!

Invade the Realm

The CHORFs invade the Realm of the Supreme Lord of Evil with a dropped sign and a chive internWhere did dinner go?

The VoxLight

Matthew goads the Ilk to hoist the VoxLight to search out the missing invadersWhere there’s a whip, there’s a way!

It Sees All

The protest marchers are stunned by the Vox Light It sees allHe’ll reveal all our backstories!

Mesmerizing Inaction

Protest_Mesmerizing_Inaction_smallergrumble, grumble… they’ve been chewed so much there’s hardly anything left…

The Easter Appropriation Problematification

Intersectional_race_and_gender_students_protest_Easter_appropriation_of_the_rainbowHappy Easter!

Terri’s Terrible Torment

Terri_has_a growth_that_frightens_her_friendsUp Next: Idle speculation and gossip! Feel free to add yours to the comments!

Terri is… Pregnant?

Preggers_Terri_and_the_Privilege_Position_smallerRead all about it in our press release!

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