Season 2.15: The Finality – Destruction

Hugo’s Hole

Look up the Dragon Awards if you want a good read.

Raise the Hugo!

Yes, that was an illustrator’s joke.

Plot Hole

Dedicated to hard-working authors everywhere!

President’s Decision Wheel

We got this from HuffPo. Surely 100% accurate.

The Year Ends

Up next: The Trump Economy

Happy New Year 2017

Are we looking back on the halcyon days of 2016 yet?

Wardrobe Escape

It’s finally starting to seem like a skiffy comic…

Sizemic Disturbance

… and Professor What could be a woggle bug.

Null Space

If someone wants to read it, we’ll have Rory’s paper published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Brave, Brave, Sir Bunny

Yes, it COULD have been his “Tweeting finger”. Le Sigh.

Danger, DW!

It’ll be his last Presidential hole-in-one…

Fond Farewell

Is the phrase “Good Missile” an oxymoron?

Reaction Shock

The Eyeballization Annihilation Experimentation…


We’ve been arguing over that title for MONTHS…

“… as long as the flames don’t turn blue.”

When we ran the comic “boom.” we screwed up. The flames in it were supposed to be blue. There were reasons for our mistake, but the easiest thing to do was blame Codex. So we did.

Then she quickly cobbled this together. We hope it is clear that Tempest in a Teardrop Studio was blown up by a missile. And that the resulting fire has a mysterious, destructive, blue tinge to it.

Also, our story arc is called “The Finality”.

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