Season 2.16: The Finality – Escape

Pop, Crackle, Snap

“What a happy sound!”

Actually, Literally, Gone

If Codex thinks she gets the day off… wrong!

Reality Bites

Many headlines would’ve worked. Which would you pick?

Big Darn Hero

Which we could say this was the last expository comic we’re writing…

Death via 2017

Can a full does of Current Year be fatal?

The March Begins

This might look good on a t-shirt.

The Book

Codex also helped by drawing the comic.

Number 5 Inserted

Actually showing the podling machine would be just too terrifiying for our readers…

Vital Equipment First

Opinions vary on the exact definition of “vital.”


And the winner was our favorite Minotaur, for correctly identifying the  “dreckon flux” generator.

The Goldfish


The Torlings have never worked harder. I wonder if it will pay off this time?

Gainfully Unemployed

Aaaand that would be a “no.” Well, if you need any useful simpletons Torlings we can hook you up.

Secret King

If only she’d said it on Snapchat.

 Always Time to Tweet

BunnyBoy sez, “When in doubt. Tweet it out.”

 The Last Tweet

It could be his last Tweet. Stranger things have happened in the Woods.

 We Might Be Divided

Poor Shea LeBeuf. Another Safe Space goes down in flames.

 Always Blame Trump

A one-step plan is simple & easy to remember.

 This. This is CNN

Fixing any problem is easy. Add more regulations.

 Live! Mostly.

…and the headline reads: “CNN found buried by Gawker’s corpse.”

 A Blessed Easter


 Shot Glass Exit

And what a waste of a good shot glass that would be…

 Unconstrained Ilk

The Ilk are what we’d call “barely constrained.” And yes we should be afraid.

One  week and a thousand comments later, it turns out we underestimated them:

 The Dark Lord Unmasked

Specificity is the soul of all good communication


 Dread Ilk Matthew

What does it take to qualify as a Dread Ilk? We’re not exactly sure, but it’s a good bet that depicting the Supreme Dark Lord as a Siamese cat isn’t it.

 Beta Test Hell

It turns out that “lasciate ogni sperenza” is the entire E.U.L.A.

Yes, that’s what happens when Q lets Codex do the alt text. You get Dante.

 A Partial Explanation

We interrupt this expository comic for a Torling storm…

 Torling Trolling

 It must be serious. None of the stampeding horde of CHORFs stopped to call us a Nazi.

 More Explanation

Ah, there it is!

Just when you think it’s safe to return to the storyline… Expository dialogue happens. 🙂

 Power of the Staff

 It’s astonishing what a fully charged and operational Clue Stick can do!

 Path to Safety

Safety being relative…

 A Fitting Goodbye

Yep. They’ve ALWAYS been daisies. They’ve been in the comic since Season 1.04.


The Damage Calcualtor uses the relatively new “Virtuous Broken Glasses” scale.

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