The Churchians – Season 1.03: The Wardrobe Returns

Rory: Mushroom of Mystery

A brief synopsis of Rory and Professor What. Read Tempest in a Teardrop for the full story!

Rory: Mushroom Hero

The nearly-destroyed Wardrobe leaps blindly into the unknown. In which story universe will they emerge?

Fused and Fried

We're pretty sure the toilets aren't working either.

A joke for authors. ‘Show not tell’. If you are not an author or cartoonist, please don’t laugh. Kek.

Universal Irony

Cliffhangers are a cheap ploy to maintain reader interest 🙂

The Zeta-Fused Geodesic Traversal

Interstory space is a cold, uncaring place.

Personal Integrated Safety Shields

Biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Flush after use.

EF: Personal Integrated Safety Shields

It’s true. The Copyright Monster eats YouTubers all the time.

Wants. Needs.



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