The Countdown to the Madness

VeggieTales and Bloom County had a baby. We raised it in a marijuana patch. Tempest in a Teardrop: The Churchians. A webcomic by Codex & Q. Updates Mondays and Fridays.

The madness begins October 12.


–> Codex & Q

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Pitchforks v Torches: Mobbing the Right Way


Some people are pitchfork people. They like the heft, the balance, and the soothing calm that comes from sharpening evenly-spaced tines. Pitchforks look deadly. They are a practical yet humble implement used by commoners to work the land. When it’s time for 1789 shenanigans, pitchfork people herd oligarchical despots like dung to the compost heap. You know, the way that God intended. If you don’t find a cartoon-like-jab to the behinds of a Maxine, May, or Merkel as spectacularly hilarious as myself…

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