Official Schedule Changes

Given current circumstances we’re announcing an official schedule change. New comics will be Tuesdays and Saturdays. We’ll pump ’em out at 5:00am pacific. I think that’s better than Mon/Fri at noon pacific, but I’m also willing to listen to feedback.

So if you really, superly, supremely object to this, sound off. I’m almost certainly in agreement. But Real Life has interfered in obnoxious ways and that’s the most realistic way we can pump out new comics consistently.

The countdown to 300 continues and the fam is debating about what we should do. Drama WILL ensue…

And holy monkey chowder. 300 comics!

–> Q


We’re approaching episode #300, and we’ll be at episode #100 at Arkhaven around the same time. We have 71k total views at Arkhaven as of Episode #58.

We’re so, so blessed.

We’re also in the midst of massive life changes.


We want to do something special for one of these milestones. Last time we gave away a piece of “original art” and we’re perfectly willing to do that again. The problem is the entire comic is digital now so “original art” isn’t. Not really.

We can make it “special art” however.

I asked on Social Galactic for ideas and I should ask here too. Any suggestions on what we should do? We still have a couple of major toon groups to unleash on you before the cast is set: a variety of Churchians, and The Blackbirds. There’s a third group but it’s pretty much in concrete. ‘Prince’ is a name that is still controversial in our household but it’s gonna be. It has to be. It can’t not be. And we’ve been arguing over Silk for more than three years. Silk is in the same category as The Finality. “Give me a different name and I’ll consider it.” Then Codex couldn’t. Silk is fine. I might (10% chance) make it Silke but… no. No I won’t.

Rory is going to Churchi, and so will our readers. That scares me. That takes real writing skills that I’m not sure I’ve developed yet. The material is… delicate. Renaming the entire comic Vegfolk Fables takes a little pressure off, but still…

Did I not announce we’ll be renaming The Churchians? I should have. You should check out It’s been a broken spring, and we’re way behind all my goals for the comic.

Fix the house. Sell the house. Land… somewhere. And then become the “dark, dangerous, Veggie Tales for older teens” studio. We’re all insane now. Let’s do this.

–> Quizzer


Dead or Dying

If you are reading this, it is because I am either dead or dying.

Packed up 50 boxes of books and moved them to another area of the house. Removed all the bookshelves said books rested in (Levenger). Prepped the huge, scary, 2-story walls around a stairwell/house entry way/library for the paint guys.

Fortunately, neither “dead” or “dying” is a fatal condition. Stents overcome all.

But if I vote in November for the “right” party, whatever party that is, someone hunt down my zombie corpse and put me out of my misery with an ax. Or fire. Fire is probably the more appropriate ending.

Comic tomorrow for sure, and we really think we’ve passed the peak insanity so we’re crossing our fingers that we’re back to our Mon/Fri regular schedule.

–> Q

Where’s Your Head?

No comic today – my fault. We have to get the entire library packed up and the bookshelves removed by Sunday. I hate leaving your Friday morning empty with nothing, so I shopped special this week.

Omphgh.Oomphg. Oompgh.

This story originates in Denver. “Box of Human Heads Stolen from Truck in Denver.” Hmm. It seems a little sparse on the details, so I put on my ‘sleuthing hat’ and made a few conjectures to fill in the details. Continue reading

Good News & More Good News

I took the weekend off. Saturday was a voluntary rest day. My back and knee was killing me. Sunday was not a voluntary rest day but it was a rest day none the less. I’m feeling much better this morning than I have in the last month.

We’ll have a couple of comics out this week, but it will be on Tuesday and a 50/50 chance of Saturday (as opposed to our usual Friday drop). I’m pretty sure “carpet day” last week was the single worst day of this whole experience. The remaining tasks, although extensive, are manageable. Work, work, work. Yet digestible.

Moving is suddenly becoming real. We’ve been here 22 years, and although we’ll miss it we’re all looking forward to our new life and next adventure.

Comic tomorrow.


Yes, We’re Alive

This week has been… [terrible]? [challenging]? [a slog]? [backbreaking]?

Pick one. Congrats, you’re a winner.

We have new carpets. Glyph spilled the first cup of coffee on them, which was disappointing because I felt that Codex would for-sure do that. Fortunately, we spent a day-and-a-half covering the new carpets with chopped-up-chunks of the old carpet so there wasn’t as much Dad-crying as there otherwise might have been. Four figures from the bank account is four figures, ya know? Even with the new math.

No energy for a funny Friday post. I would have blasted Ukraine propaganda anyway, and I’ve given up sarcasm for lent. Or is it Lent? I’m not Catholic so after a couple shots of whiskey I’m still me, and the Pope is still Argentinian. Who would have guessed that the Pope and I have something in common? Neither of us is Catholic.

Codex is going to try to have our next comic out on Monday but it will probably be Tuesday morning. We should be back to our regular Friday/Monday schedule on Friday.

In the meantime, panic as interest rates rise, the housing market crashes, and gas hits… um… it’s $4.50 here on the way to $7. Yeah. We should all panic. And vote D. Because voting R makes no difference and carries a probable jail sentence because the D’s are… just that way.

–> Q