Wednesday Miscellany: The Book of CHAZ


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Or CHOP. Or whatever they’ve renamed it this morning. Found in the rubble of the chamber of Mazarbul Downtown Seattle Political / Community Center and Free Speech Area, under a mound of discarded bongs and rubber dog masks.


In a firm bold hand with little peace symbols over the ‘i’s.

We drove out the Police from the Great Gate and guardroom and took the Police Station. We threw rocks at many in the bright sun in the East Pine Street. Jeremy was taken out by a rubber bullet. He called the great Police chief racist […] Nikkita teargassed near 12th Avenue name […] came […]ken we repaired […] We have taken the Six Blocks of Capitol Hill to dwell in. There is good food […] that can easily be looted […] the precinct is clear […] Chaz has set up his seat at the No Cop Co-Op […] gathered […] tribute free pizza donations […] wonderful lay the conch shell […] first unmasked kiss. Hookup. […] Today we planted the black and allies only garden. […] consume them first. […] Jasmyne sent to seek the spray paint supplies of the upper business district… Go […] Black Lives Matter murals. Continue reading