Saturday Miscellany: Ninktober (cont.)


So far I’m failing the daily challenge, but I’m winning at renewing my love of drawing for fun. See the original challenge at Cedar Sanderson’s blog (and do check out her books: like Lab Gremlins. It too, is made of win.)

So from Wednesday: Snapdragon (above), then Cat Accountants, which for some reason I wrote down as Owl Bits (??), Anteater (Nope), Trilobyte, Death, Beehive & Claymore.

Wednesday Miscellany: Can’t Stop the Signal


Have you got a blog? A SocMedia account? Pass it on. Live free or die. ~ Codex.


Glenn Harlan Reynolds

In my 2019 book, The Social Media Upheaval, I warned that the Big Tech companies — especially social media giants like Facebook and Twitter — had grown into powerful monopolists, who were using their power over the national conversation to not only sell ads, but also to promote a political agenda. That was pretty obvious last year, but it was even more obvious last week, when Facebook and Twitter tried to black out the New York Post’s blockbuster report about emails found on a laptop abandoned by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son Hunter. Continue reading