7 thoughts on “Scholarships

    1. Hardly a secret. Scholarships have been around for a while, they were just a little more public last year. Perfectly legal too. The complaints of the TruFen were about slates, not scholarships. Nobody has a problem with scholarships.

      In fact, should Puppies of any stripe announce scholarships I’m sure the TruFen will erupt in praise for expanding fandom. I’m sure of it!

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  1. Since I have received a scholarship before I know one generally applies before being awarded. So I would like to put in my application for consideration of any scholarship under consideration for voting membership in the Hugo’ s this year. I will also apply for my wife, my brother, my roommate, my cousin and as many coworkers as can be served. Thank you for your consideration. James R. Bryant


    1. Our poor Patreon account is empty! I blame society.

      You might try over at file770, they’ll know who is providing scholarships. Be sure you have your privilege points in order and details about how oppressed you are. Tell them we said ‘Hi’, too, because that will be hi-larious.


    1. Good eye! It’s an energy drink called “!!!”

      Yes, that is a reference to something. Mega-Bonus points if you can find it and tell us why we left the 4th “!” off 😈



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