Die, Facebook, Die.

Codex here: Q has a funeral to go to so he’s skipping this week’s Thursday post.

So I’m taking the opportunity to kick Facebook around a little. As you might guess from the title, I loathe the platform with fiery hatred of a thousand burning suns. Q thought I was being unfair and a social media dinosaur. Since I’m not a big fan of Tumblr, Instagram or Twitter either, (and don’t get me started on Pinterest—! Gah! So much dislike!)  I thought he had a point. Maybe Facebook would work for Tempest in a Teardrop.

Facebook is evil. Sorry, but it's true.Hahhahahahajahahahahahahahahaha


Seriously, it seems as if Facebook is eating our comic. Before we got on it, he could tell if we’d done a comic that didn’t go so well. This whole comic-ing thing is a learning curve for both writer and illustrator, and getting a great yawning chasm of nothing where we used to get feedback is a big energy sink. As far as we can tell you have to pay the Beast with eyeball time (LOTS) and or money if it’s not going to disappear you.

Is there a way to actually connect on the thing? I’d say “no,” but maybe you readers who use and or like it (I find the latter hard to believe, but hey, it takes all kinds) can let us know what we should be doing?

4 thoughts on “Die, Facebook, Die.

  1. Facebook: Considered Harmful

    I loathed it ages ago simply from people defaulting to it and assuming I would of course do the same, when they could just use right proper email. And the “We’re so cool you MUST join us to see anything!” attitude, and then the so-called real name thing. If I do a web search for my ‘real name’ I get many hits… and way down the list is me. If I use the name I prefer to use (no, actually not this one – this would likely get in under the radar, for a while) I get… me. But the ultimate nail in the coffin was Zuckerberg saying something to the effect that privacy is an obsolete concept. It was great amusement I watched his reaction to his privacy possibly being “obsolete.” It’s his own world, he can bloody live in it. Now? Well, it’s just MySpace 2.0 really. I’m just waiting for the world to figure that out. What I fear is the disaster that will replace it. (Had Google+ : 1. got the ‘real name’ thing right at the start and 2. Not tried to tie every account into one, I’d likely be quite active on G+. As it is.. I got used to reading and seldom posting.)

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    1. Oh, and don’t forget the randomly- and usually unannounced privacy settings RE-sets, and the EULA that claims that anything you post on Facebook becomes the property of Mr. Z & Co.

      I actually preferred MySpace to this, but in the sense that I prefer getting a colonscopy to food poisoning.

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      1. Aye. This year the choice of major party candidate is such I do have a preference, but it’s like preferring a bad cold to kidney stones. I’m tempted to vote centaur. We’re gonna get a horse’s rear end anyway…

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