9 thoughts on “The Jesters Die AGAIN

  1. Wow, I can’t believe that it took me this long to figure out who The Germ is based on. Well, OK, I can believe it. I’m just dumb that way.

    I got the perfect cure in the mail yesterday. I unrolled it and man, does it look good! Thanks so much!


    1. Maybe one day we’ll reveal the original inspiration for Terri…

      Glad you like it; sorry it took so long!

      I am sooooo going to have Codex give me a “close up” of the angel puppet stabbing the jester in frame 2. That just cracks me up.


    1. “Good morning, class. Today’s word is ‘mordant’. Everybody go use the internet to find out what that means.”

      “Ms. Anthrope? My browser says it means ‘bitingly painful’ and shows me two people of genders they didn’t cover in kindergarten doing weird things to each other. Am I scarred for life?”

      “Yes, Billy, I’m afraid so.”

      My inner brain people blame *you* for that, Orvan 🙂


      1. That’s what you get for looking up the adjective version when you ought to be looking at the noun.
        Also: I claim success. Or maybe excess. But nothing exceeds like excess.

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