6 thoughts on “Kebabs

    1. StoryTime: Ever see a unicorn pull ability on someone? (If that’s the right term.)

      Con. Room party. Gang of Three near door. One is a stereotypical Comic Book Guy (yes, That Guy) going on and on about some comic many have not heard of, “Do you agree $TITLE is the best comic ever?” and on and on (and on and…) Unicorn gets past, finally. Inspects the party, decides it’s not for unicorn and make way out. Trio is still there. Comic Book Guy is still going. And this happens… unicorn passes first fellow and says, “Getting it.” and passed second fellow and says, “Getting it.” and pass CBG with “Virgin.”

      And then CBG make the mistake of confirming with, “D@MNIT!” and the other two roar…. as the unicorn makes a getaway.

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    2. Reason #56 is they can cure poison when the tyke gets into the Drano under the sink. Reason #23 is they make the best poison-free mac-n-cheese. There are 27 related reasons having to do with riding, and another 11 that have to do with horsing around. Pretty sure “impaling burglars” was in there too, but can’t remember the number.

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