Sick Day, part forever


Codex here. Seriously folks, I’m not making excuses to curl up with a nice cuppa and stack of even nicer indy fic. I’m still recovering from the ‘flu thing so I’m only really able to work for a little bit before I conk out, and Friday’s comic is a YUUUGE splash page. God willing, it will be up on Friday. Monday. Duh. If it were up on Friday it would be on time.

Hey, nearly two years of web-comic-ing and this is only our third day of late posting. Unless you count all the times I screw’d up the “schedule” function in WordPress, of course.


One thought on “Sick Day, part forever

  1. I hope you’re feeling better soon. Not just for the comics. Well, for the comics, of course, but not only for them. Anyway, take your chicken soup – Cedar probably has a good recipe. Personally, I recommend Italian wedding soup – all the goodness, with some actual flavor and texture. Plus yummy spinach! It’s good for you – Popeye says so.



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