6 thoughts on “The Finality, Part III

  1. Sooooo curious what is to come. Amazed you drew it out for six months!

    (Cool that the Torlings were finally revealed as the daisies they are!)


    1. We think this is going to read better once the story is complete and folks can just leap through the archives. Or maybe… as a book!

      Project Schnapsidee continues. In fact, a couple of days ago I drew a palm tree. Yes, me 🙂 Glyph complimented my efforts: “Nice palm tree, Dad.” It’s too early for Father’s Day so I assume she was being sincere.

      Codex wasn’t as impressed, despite the fact it was the best thing I ever drew. Compared to the trees she drew in today’s panel, this is understandable.


    2. Has it really been six months?

      *** goes to look in the archives ***

      Yep. We started this storyline in January. Wow. Well, I guess only posting two comics a week will do that!

      I’m really tickled that we finally got to reveal the daisies. It makes some of the older comics funnier. Admittedly at the time I only put them in to make myself laugh. But one day, I thought, one day, All will be revealed! 🙂



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