Saturday Sketches Come to An End

In keeping with The Finality, this will be my last Saturday Sketch*

pencil_sketch_dragon_lying_on_backIt’s the design for an indy book review I was going to do… but didn’t because I gave the book away to a dragon-loving kidlet friend of the yard-ape, who kept it. Yes, I know, just write it up from my notes. Can’t find ’em. Can’t remember the title of the book. Or the author. Surprisingly “dragon” doesn’t really narrow things down as much as one would hope.

But if you ever get a chance to read an indy book about a family of dragons – two brothers and a sister – who are forced out of their territory before they’ve grown enough to defend it from more powerful adult rivals – give it a try. I quite liked it. I particularly appreciated the author’s using alien biology to circumscribe her dragons, they really were another, albeit intelligent species. The hook that kept it familiar and kept the reader sucked in was the sibling dynamics. She nailed that, too.

*Because they’re moving to Wednesday 🙂


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