10 thoughts on “Shiny!

    1. We moved the library in small “home office” room into the huge living room in order to turn the small office into an exercise room. Lots of work to move the shelves (the tallest set goes up twelve+ feet now). Codex & Glyph are thrilled.


  1. Why not do the whole family? You can have Phoney von Bohn, Fone von Bohn, and Smiley. Then there are their good friends the Werner brothers, and their younger sister.


    1. He’s “Von Bohn”, the lead singer for a band which we can’t reveal yet. He is tentatively a bat, but might still end up being something else. Something that can play either a piccolo or a harp. I’m lobbying for the electric harp…


  2. Um, when you finish there, could you drop by my place? I’ve 14 bookcases overflowing with volumes that need sorted…


    1. Good catch. That’s just the fiction collection (downstairs). Q built me a pair of walls in the office to house the nonfiction collection.

      I also weeded pretty heavily as part of the project and got rid of 4 boxes of books.



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