3 thoughts on “‘Shroom Shiners

  1. This is the song of my people. Grandpa ran ‘shine way back when. It’s how he got into auto repair and racing. NASCAR was founded by ‘shine runners – a competitive bunch, to be sure.


    1. My great-grandparents were doing the same. Then I went and married a family with four generations of pastors. It’s an odd mixture of family histories, to be sure. Astute readers might see these influences in The Churchians…


    2. When I was Rather Young and Grandpa & Neighbor likely figured I wasn’t paying attention or wasn’t aware, neighbor spoke of bootlegging during Prohibition. I did know at least some chemistry by then, so it was a bit of shock that they colored the product with Paris green, so as to make it seem “not booze” somehow. I don’t know how much if any filtering further distillation, or other purification might have taken place after delivery. I do distinctly recall the Neighbor’s claim that it “…never seemed to hurt anyone. It was poison against poison anyway.”



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