It’s Monday, and Codex is out of town. She didn’t leave us with nothing, however. We have an extensive collection of hooch drawings!

Here we see an old-timey hooch bottle. The “XXX” denotes booze, not a rating for some kind of adult entertainment. Although liquor is only for adults. If you believe guns should be removed from society, however, then you believe alcohol is for children, too. It simply follows the gun-grabbing logical process, since we can’t criticize children who are trying to nuke the 2nd Amendment but nevertheless vote. And drink, apparently. And in my state, smoke the same exotic herbs those mythical Canadians do, along with the children in the state legislature.

I gave up passive-aggressiveness for Lent. It didn’t stick since I’m not Catholic.

Here we see several bottles of shroomshine with a simple Half-Moon logo. The armed mushrooms are capable of and prepared to not only pop the corks, but enjoy their contents. Note the rightmost figure, arguing passionately for his favorite brand.

I mean, I imagine at least. I’m only the writer, so what do I know?

Notice the little rust-colored guy in back. Amused. Happy. Like the grasshopper in that story about survival and living with the consequences of your actions. He doesn’t believe in arms. He thinks everyone else should shoulder the responsibility of protecting him, and society. Perhaps he’s been sampling the drink on the side, or maybe he is just that foolish. (He might also be 6. — Codex)

They’re mushrooms. We’ll find out in The Churchians. First comic arrives on June 4. Stay tuned for more etchings!

–> Quizzer