5 thoughts on “The Banner that Broke Codex

    1. Thanks. I’ve really enjoyed drawing lots and lots of different mushrooms for the town citizenry. I think Ser Carrot goes to the local SocJus Church, but he could just be cosplaying.

      The potatoes however, are NOT gone. Glyph came up with a funny idea for them…


  1. Goat eating the book (Bible?) on the pulpit on the mound.
    Carrot singing the praises of the book of non-binary sexuality. (Forgot the third fork of the triskelion?)
    Emperor Pulpatine, I presume?
    Please tell me that’s a pitcher of ice tea, not kool-aid.
    Pretty, fuzzy bees.

    My milkshake brings all the bees to my car
    I spilled, all over my car
    Bees are, inside of my car
    They could kill me, I’m allergic to bees!



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