Season 2.02: Demesne of Vox Day

Demesne of Vox Day

The CHORF intern is sent on a mission to interview Vox DayIntern / Red Shirt: Tom-AY-to / Tom-AH-to.

None Shall Pass… Anonymously

The Chive Intern is stopped enroute to Vox Day's CitadelBesides, nobody wants onion breath…

Mission Creep

The Chive intern finally meets Vox Day“For the female of the species is more deadly than the male…”

Professor What?

Rory the Tank meets the mysterious Professor What in Dewberry WoodsThe Professor is a distinguished alumnus of the Royal College of Art and Athletic Perfection.

It’s a Magical Place

Professor What Explains the Magic Dirt Theory of Immigration to Rory the TankIt might still be too ridiculous even for a universe with talking potatoes…

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