Season 2.03: Potato Cannibals

Terri in the… Kitchen?

Terri the Tater plans to bring Real DIversity to Dewberry WoodsUse an oven-safe container. Not all containers are oven-safe. Consult OSHA rules 214 – 1512 on Oven Safe Containers. Mind the Gap.

Diversity Potatoes

The Potato Cannibals respond to Terri's Invitation to CHORF HQ for ThanksgivingPeople from other cultures are sure to be JUST LIKE the CHORFs. Only more tribal and authentic.

The Reformation Misinformation Violation

Terri Discovers that the Clan of the Pointy Stick are Unreformed Potato CannibalsIt’s the only way Terri will get the point…

Thanksgiving “Guests”

The CHORFS escape to TiaT Studios for Thanksgiving DinnerIt’s always someone else’s responsibility…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Patt's New Job at the Pizza Joint Takes a Turn for the Wierd on ThanksgivingPizza is truly the food of the gods…

Hacked Friday

Tiat Studios Critters Hide from Black Friday ShoppersCodex wonders: Nothing but eyeballs for three panels? How do I get more scripts like this!

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