Season 2.04: Holiday Hi-jinks

How It’s Made: Potato Salad

Terri Shows how feminist potato salad is made.Potato Salad: Ick!

German Potato Salad

How to make German Potato salad with a feminist potatoKeep the mirror away from the vat or risk mercury contamination!

The Modern Bear

Larry_Orders_A_Fish_Gut_PizzaSomewhere out there an SJW has found fish guts to be problematic…

Calories Count

Patt can't apply Obamacare guidelines to Wright the Raven's pizza orderWe need to bring the same quality regulations and customer support to our Health Care operations that customers of the NSA, IRS, and INS enjoy…

The Last Unicorn… Pizza

Kate's pizza order is the last straw for poor PattDoes this count as vegetarian pizza or not?

GMICH: Santa-Splaining

In Great Moments in Cinema History the SJW Santa Splains firearms feelbadRemember: Virtual video-game-violence is probably worse than real-world violence, because it is easier for SJWs to scold you over it.

Secret Santa

The Chive intern gets carbon credits from her secret santaThe chive hasn’t gotten the memo about approved positions on gun control.

For the Man Who Has Everything…

Vox Day's Secret Santa makes him an unusual giftThe Dread Ilk can be really handy with power tools.

Fan Service

Secret Santa Sarah's Skull smallerOr choose a different small-brained individual. Interactive comix: wave of the future!

Saturnalia Song

Quizzer explains the pagan origins of Christmas in an educational shaggy dog carolDid Q get slapped when he told Codex this? That’s why Sarah loans out the carp cannon from time to time…

A Christmas Card

The greatest Christmas gift of all is the Love that came to save mankind.“And this shall be a sign unto you: Ye will find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.” — Luke 2:12

Merry Christmas

Codex Wonders Why Readers are Here on ChristmasGo! Spend time with your loved ones!

Alien Christmas

Quizzer_reads_a_Christmas_PoemGuest-written by Glyph. Not sure what this says about our parenting skills…

Goodbye 2015!

Quizzer can't bear to say goodbye to the pizza emojiSo many things we wish would go away… so few tombstones…

Hello, 2016!

Baby 2016 decides to kill himself with a piranha cannon rather than face a repeat of 2015Are we pining for the simpler times of 2015 yet?

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