Season 2.06: Hugo

Sick Leave

Codex_is_out_sickIt’s a complex blend of self-righteousness, entitlement, and rage.

Awards From Spaaaaace!

The_Hugo_Award_crash_lands_in_Dewberry_WoodsWhat do you want to bet Hijinks are going to ensue?

Stick it to the Man

The Hugo Award appears to the CHORFs… and Keep on Truckin’ !

Movie Projector

Movie_projector_smallerThe joke practically writes itself…

A Tumblr Valentine Tale

Tumbler_Valentine_smallerWhat can POSSIBLY go wrong in the comments?


Angry Feminist SnowFem throws snow-ballsOuch. Just Ouch.

Good List, Bad List

Sarah, Kate and Larry discover that Sad Puppy reading lists are bad but Locus reading lists are good.Some lists are more equal than others…

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