Season 2.05: CSI: Dewberry Woods

Murder, She Brewed

Brad invites various fictional detectives to tea and a body drops...Scalzi/Bunnyboy'sWe’re lucky the whole cast isn’t dead!


Crime Scene Investigation Dewberry Woods edition introduces a rookie copy and a tough detective willing to break the rules to get results. Even if it means using the wrong pronounNext thing you know he’ll be using the coroners report to determine the victim’s gender, instead of Tumblr.

CSI: Inevitable Justice

CSI Dewberry Woods continue as the Veteran cop and the rookie CSI agent deal with fictional amateur detectives at the crime sceneIf this were reality they’d arrest the detectives!

CSI: Coroner’s Report

CSI Dewberry Woods continues as the Rookie CSI and the grizzled veteran go to the coroner's officeNothing gets past Detective James Tiberius Mater!

Hollywood Dreams

CSI DW continues as the Scalzi Bunnyboy lets stardom go to his headYou can make anything drinkable by adding sugar and cream.

Diva Bunny

CSI Dewberry Woods continues as BunnyBoy / Scalzi turns into a Diva and demands unicorn-skittels.The rainbow walls will be painted after lunch…

CSI: DW – Suspect List

CSI_Mugshots_smallerWho… is… GUILTY??!!

CSI: DW – Book Him

CSI_Dewberry_Continues_as_the_veteran_detective_follows_the_clues_to_the_cis_white_christian_maleHeteronormative evidence will be produced shortly. We’re sure it’s there.

CSI: DW – Cliffhanger

CSI_Dewberry_ends_in_a_cliffhanger_when_James_T_Mater_get_the_wrong_suspectTo be continued…

Reaction Shot


CSI: DW – The Real Culprit

CSI_Dewberry_continues_as_the_fictional_detectives_find_the_gunThank goodness for fictional detectives!

CSI: DW – Motive

CSI Dewberry continues as the Real Motive is revealed and CBS virtue signalsThe REAL number to the REAL congress… at full price…

CSI: DW – Pilot Error

CSI_Dewberry_Pilot_Error_smallifiedHe could always try writing science fiction novels…


CSI Dewberry Woods concludes with the bullet escaping to chicago... or does it?And he would have gotten away with it if not for that pesky… but that would be telling!

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