The Churchians – Season 2.13: Four Stories

Four Stories#184

Alt Title: QuadTales

Missing Shoes – #185

We won’t talk about what happened to the stockings.

Interrogation – #186

“Never early, not late, but always Just. On. Time.”

Insta-Solve – #187

The rapscallion will be spending time in Inquisition Jail

Kindling – #188

How much of what we do will simply… burn?

Treasure Mash – #189

This could take a while.

Brewin’ Secrets – #190

We’ll dodge the ‘revenuer’ issue for now.

Final Exam – #191

Hopefully her answers are legible.

Alert! Alert! – #192

Goblins, squirrels: po-tay-to, po-tah-to.

Squirrel vs Squirrel – #193

Beastietarianism is good for the environment.

Grade A – #194

A higher standard than, “It feels correct”.

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