Season 2.17: The Finality, Part III, Sacrifice

The Finality, Part III

We were going to call it ‘Covfefe’, but, well…

Severed Connection

We don’t know how to pronounce the noise in the first frame either. Apparently it turns perfectly decent ravens into some kind of chicken thing.

Last Wrights

…and now we know why Mr. Wright keeps losing his keys.

Meanwhile, Back with the CHORFs…


 Hard Landing

Even worse, he has no books now! Not even No-Awarded ones. Oh, theAsteracea-nity!

 Single Use Only

Press “star” on the door key-pad to rate your Escape Experience (TM)

Due to a hip injury (aging mushrooms and diving-shoulder rolls turn out to be a bad combination) Codex wasn’t sure she’d be able to finish the comic. She ended up doing it old school” as a pen-and-ink drawing. (Here). Accordind to Quizzer, “…proper “motivation” (involving coffee and a whisk – don’t ask) was administered and Codex managed to pull this one out old school. This is the scanned original drawing, which we normally don’t have because everything is digital now. Kids these days.

Color version should be incoming later today or tomorrow, depending on how much more “motivation” is required.”

  Edge of the Wood

Finally, Larry gets to fire his SPG-9!


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